PS5: Poster Session 5

346 Dynamic Volume Reconstruction from Multi-slice Abdominal MRI Using Manifold Alignment
411 Fast and Accurate Multi-Tissue Deconvolution Using SHORE and H-psd Tensors
269 Optimisation of Arterial Spin Labelling using Bayesian Experimental Design
597 4D Phase-Contrast Magnetic Resonance CardioAngiography (4D PC-MRCA) creation from 4D flow MRI
811 Joint Estimation of Cardiac Motion and T1 Maps for Magnetic Resonance Late Gadolinium Enhancement Imaging
465 Correction of Fat-Water Swaps in Dixon MRI
1138 Motion-Robust Reconstruction based on Simultaneous Multi-Slice Registration for Diffusion-Weighted MRI of Moving Subjects
1162 Self Super-resolution for Magnetic Resonance Images
810 Tight Graph Framelets for Sparse Diffusion MRI q-Space Representation
518 A Bayesian Model to Assess T2 Values and their Changes Over Time in Quantitative MRI
601 Simultaneous parameter mapping, modality synthesis, and anatomical labeling of the brain with MR fingerprinting
578 XQ-NLM: Denoising Diffusion MRI Data via x-q Space Non-Local Patch Matching
733 Spatially Adaptive Spectral Denoising for MR Spectroscopic Imaging using Frequency-Phase Non-Local Means
943 Beyond the resolution limit: parameter estimation in partial volume
1018 A Promising Non-invasive CAD System for Kidney Function Assessment
1052 Comprehensive Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Diffusion Compartment Models Towards Reliable Mapping of Brain Microstructure
988 Enhanced Probabilistic Label Fusion by Estimating Label Confidences through Discriminative Learning
402 Feature Sensitive Label Fusion with Random Walker for Atlas-based Image Segmentation
110 Automatic Lymph Node Cluster Segmentation using Holistically-Nested Networks and Structured Optimization in CT Images
175 Deep Fusion Net for Multi-Atlas Segmentation: Application to Cardiac MR Images
689 Prior-based Coregistration and Cosegmentation
1174 Globally Optimal Label Fusion with Shape Priors
326 Joint Segmentation and CT Synthesis for MRI-only Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
517 Regression Forest-based Atlas Localization and Direction Speci(cid:12)c Atlas Generation for Pancreas Segmentation
478 Accounting for the Confound of Meninges in Segmenting Entorhinal and Perirhinal Cortices in T1-weighted MRI
460 7T-Guided Learning Framework for Improving the Segmentation of 3T MR Images
507 Multivariate Mixture Model for Cardiac Segmentation from Multi-Sequence MRI
610 Fast Fully Automatic Segmentation of the Human Placenta from Motion Corrupted MRI
118 Multi-Organ Segmentation using Vantage Point Forests and Binary Context Features
926 Multiple Object Segmentation and Tracking by Bayes Risk Minimization
1090 Crowd-algorithm collaboration for large-scale endoscopic image annotation with confidence
449 Emphysema Quantification on Cardiac CT Scans Using Hidden Markov Measure Field Model: The MESA Lung Study
1120 ASL-incorporated Pharmacokinetic Modelling of PET Data with Reduced Acquisition Time: Application to Amyloid Imaging
224 Probe-based Rapid Hybrid Hyperspectral and Tissue Surface Imaging Aided by Fully Convolutional Networks
750 Efficient Low-Dose CT Denoising by Locally-Consistent Non-Local Means (LC-NLM)
1067 Deep Learning Computed Tomography
264 Axial Alignment for Anterior Segment Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography via Robust Low-rank Tensor Recovery
324 3D Imaging from Video and Planar Radiography
987 Semantic Reconstruction-based Nuclear Cataract Grading from Slit-lamp Lens Images
1042 Vessel Orientation Constrained Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) Reconstruction
217 Spatial-Angular Sparse Coding for HARDI
506 Compressed Sensing Dynamic MRI Reconstruction using GPU-accelerated 3D Convolutional Sparse Coding
665 Image-based Computer-Aided Diagnostic System for Early Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
492 Multidimensional Texture Analysis for Improved Prediction of Ultrasound Liver Tumor Response to Chemotherapy Treatment
1187 Classification of Prostate Cancer Grades and T-Stages based on Tissue Elasticity Using Medical Image Analysis
1091 Automatic Determination of Hormone Receptor Status in Breast Cancer using Thermography
870 Prostate Cancer: Improved Tissue Characterization by Temporal Modeling of Radio-Frequency Ultrasound Echo Data
1034 Classifying Cancer Grades Using Temporal Ultrasound for Transrectal Prostate Biopsy
1094 Characterization of Lung Nodule Malignancy using Hybrid Shape and Appearance Features