PS2: Poster Session 2

458 Reveal Consistent Spatial-Temporal Patterns from Dynamic Functional Connectivity for Autism Spectrum Disorder Identification
132 Boundary Mapping through Manifold Learning for Connectivity-Based Cortical Parcellation
916 Species Preserved and Exclusive Structural Connections Revealed by Sparse CCA
129 Modularity Reinforcement for Improving Brain Subnetwork Extraction
409 Effective Brain Connectivity Through a Constrained Autoregressive Model
806 GraMPa: Graph-based Multi-modal Parcellation of the Cortex using Fusion Moves
1171 A Continuous Model of Cortical Connectivity
776 Label-Informed Non-Negative Matrix Factorization with Manifold Regularization for Discriminative Subnetwork Detection
840 Predictive Subnetwork Extraction with Structural Priors for Infant Connectomes
574 Hierarchical Clustering of Tractography Streamlines Based on Anatomical Similarity
915 Unsupervised Identification of Clinically Relevant Clusters in Routine Imaging Data
817 Probabilistic Tractography for Topographically Organized Connectomes
275 The Automated Learning of Deep Features for Breast Mass Classification from Mammograms
502 Multimodal Deep Learning for Cervical Dysplasia Diagnosis
912 Learning From Experts: Developing Transferable Deep Features for Patient-level Lung Cancer Detection
262 DeepVessel: Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Deep Learning and Conditional Random Field
398 Deep Retinal Image Understanding
399 3D Deeply Supervised Network for Automatic Liver Segmentation from CT Volumes
1006 Deep Neural Networks for Fast Segmentation of 3D Medical Images
117 SpineNet: Automatically Pinpointing Classification Evidence in Spinal MRIs
652 A Deep Learning Approach for Semantic Segmentation in Histology Tissue Images
1144 Spatial Clockwork Recurrent Neural Network for Muscle Perimysium Segmentation
125 Automated Age Estimation from Hand MRI Volumes using Deep Learning
1010 Real-time Standard Scan Plane Detection and Localisation in Fetal Ultrasound using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
1137 3D Deep Learning for Multi-modal Imaging-guided Survival Time Prediction of Brain Tumor Patients
1061 Process Monitoring In The Intensive Care Unit: Assessing Patient Mobility Through Activity Analysis With A Non-Invasive Mobility Sensor
1189 Patient MoCap: Human Pose Estimation under Blanket Occlusion for Hospital Monitoring Applications
781 Numerical Simulation of Cochlear-Implant Surgery: Towards Patient-Specific Planning
577 Real-time 3D Tracking of Articulated Tools for Robotic Surgery
1118 Meaningful Assessment of Surgical Expertise: Semantic Labeling with Data and Crowds
259 2D-3D Registration Accuracy Estimation for Optimised Planning of Image-guided Pancreatobiliary Interventions
221 Registration-Free Simultaneous Catheter and Environment Modelling
205 Pareto front vs. weighted sum for automatic trajectory planning of Deep Brain Stimulation
796 Efficient Anatomy Driven Automated Multiple Trajectory Planning for Intracerebral Electrode Implantation
514 Recognizing Surgical Activities with Recurrent Neural Networks
544 A Novel Simulation Method to Improve Facial Soft Tissue Prediction Accuracy for Orthognathic Surgery
670 Extraction of Coronary Vessels in Fluoroscopic X-Ray Sequences Using Vessel Correspondence Optimization
847 Coronary Centerline Extraction via Optimal Flow Paths and CNN Path Pruning
281 Vascular registration in photoacoustic imaging by low-rank alignment via foreground, background and complement decomposition
371 From Real MRA to Virtual MRA: Towards an Open-Source Framework (cid:63)
1049 Improved Diagnosis of Systemic Sclerosis using Nailfold Capillary Flow
516 Tensor-based Graph-cut in Riemannian Metric Space and Its Application to Renal Artery Segmentation
764 Automatic, Robust, and Globally Optimal Segmentation of Tubular Structures
680 Dense Volume-to-Volume Vascular Boundary Detection
456 HALE: Healthy Area of Lumen Estimation for Vessel Stenosis Quantification FN
144 3D imaging and localization of peripheral blood vessels based on near infrared stereo vision, ultrasound, and real-time image analysis
203 The Minimum Cost Connected Subgraph Problem in Medical Image Analysis